Friday, January 29, 2010


A Sedgwick County jury has found Scott Roeder GUILTY of all charges. We will update soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Five

I didn't have an update on yesterday for a few reasons, and I still don't really have much of one. And today? I have little left in me but great sadness. Writing my daily post for RH Reality Check had me tear up again several times.

Today, Scott Roeder took the stand and admitted to murder and assault. According to Ron Sylvester, Roeder's attorneys let law enforcement know right before he took the stand where he left the gun. Until that point, he hadn't told them. Somewhere in Burlington, KS, a murder weapon is buried. For some reason, Roeder thought a pile of dirt in a parking lot would stay there so he could go back and get the loaded gun back. And that no one would be hurt.

Jennifer McCoy had a baby girl on Sunday via c-section. That's why she hasn't been at the trial much. She showed up this afternoon and won the lottery, sitting next to me again. Randall Terry, three of his goons, Dave Leach, Anthony Leake, Michael Bray, and Regina Dinwidde were among those in attendance today. A couple of new people showed up. Some Phill Kline supporters wanted to hear him testify but upon learning about the lottery seating process decided to leave. We might have more on that later. But until then ...

RH Reality Check Day Three

RH Reality Check Day Four

Today was a very difficult day. Even though I logically knew what would happen, it was still a shock to hear it. He presented it so coldly, with such disregard. Tomorrow, it will largely be done.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Three

Today was very, very, very full of evidence. Very full. On the terrorist front, no one new that we could ID showed up though Randall Terry thought it would be a fantastic idea to neither "condone or condemn Scott Roeder's actions". When I left the courthouse tonight, I saw two people near the exit handing something out. They asked me if I was media. I told them no but asked what they wanted anyway. So they were handing out that press release which delt with Terry arriving and telling us he's planning a press conference Wednesday during the lunch session. Uh huh. He was also on the phone bad-mouthing Troy Newman. Operation Rescue's Advisory Board issued a press release authored by Christian Defense Coalition President Patrick Mahoney admonishing Terry. It's a pretty interesting read ...

At any rate, I have to get to bed soon so I can get up before dawn. In the mean time, check out the Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies pulling over and apprehending Roeder.

Trial roundups for Friday and yesterday are up on RH Reality Check (at the moment, there is an error with two dates).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guess who I hung out with today?

On the positive side: two representatives from the Feminist Majority Foundation, a representative from the National Abortion Federation, an old friend of Dr. Tiller's, and a clinic employee who lost her job in May.

On the negative side: David Leach (who edits his own Wikipedia page) and two little old ladies who sat with him, talking to the media about how Roeder was right. In the afternoon, Michael Bray made his much-anticipated arrival. Also making an appearance in front of the courthouse in handicap parking all day long: a van decked out with anti-abortion images with Illinois tags and Missionaries to the Pre-Born Iowa on the hood (the link is fun. Click it!) Totally pro-life.

Gone today were Regina Dinwiddie, her mother, Jennifer McCoy, Cathy Ramey, and "Texas".

We heard more evidence that Roeder planned this murder out. Unfortunately, DA Nola Foulston opened the door on the abortion conversation. But witness Keith Martin did a fair job responding back explaining the ELCA's social statement on abortion and that individuals are free to abide by it or not which was difficult for Mark Rudy to understand -- as I understand it, he's Catholic (which I was for most of my life) which doesn't really allow members to abide or not abide by statements made by the Church. Martin said that he had also been targeted by anti-choicers who sent letters to his house telling him he shouldn't teach Sunday school because of his church.

Randall Terry has told the press he'll be in Wichita tomorrow (Tuesday). Back when Sonya Sotomayor was up for confirmation, he swung through Wichita, holding a press conference at WHCS (he's barred from going near clinics, but since WHCS was closed by then, he could hang out there). A few of us locals managed to disrupt his press conference and what did appear on air included us loudly shouting in the background. He also tried to put his arm around me and hold my hand. I had to take a shower before telling the police. Last I heard, Don Spitz is due in town next week.

If you're in Wichita, please make sure to check out our twitter frequently so if any of these media whores/terrorists try something, you can come down and help us stop them.