Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Five

I didn't have an update on yesterday for a few reasons, and I still don't really have much of one. And today? I have little left in me but great sadness. Writing my daily post for RH Reality Check had me tear up again several times.

Today, Scott Roeder took the stand and admitted to murder and assault. According to Ron Sylvester, Roeder's attorneys let law enforcement know right before he took the stand where he left the gun. Until that point, he hadn't told them. Somewhere in Burlington, KS, a murder weapon is buried. For some reason, Roeder thought a pile of dirt in a parking lot would stay there so he could go back and get the loaded gun back. And that no one would be hurt.

Jennifer McCoy had a baby girl on Sunday via c-section. That's why she hasn't been at the trial much. She showed up this afternoon and won the lottery, sitting next to me again. Randall Terry, three of his goons, Dave Leach, Anthony Leake, Michael Bray, and Regina Dinwidde were among those in attendance today. A couple of new people showed up. Some Phill Kline supporters wanted to hear him testify but upon learning about the lottery seating process decided to leave. We might have more on that later. But until then ...

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Today was a very difficult day. Even though I logically knew what would happen, it was still a shock to hear it. He presented it so coldly, with such disregard. Tomorrow, it will largely be done.

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