Monday, February 15, 2010

Post-trial quick links

Apologies for some late news here. I got bronchitis immediately after the trial and am just now getting over it. Here are some links of news the past couple of weeks:

Last week, Roeder's attorneys requested a new trial as is normal. Throughout the trial, Roeder's defense team stated the details behind their objections to various denials so they would be in the court record for the appeal.

During the trial, representatives from the US Department of Justice sat in the gallery and observed the trial (and some of the people in attendance). Which lead to an article concerning possible federal charges. Many of the people in the gallery have also visited Roeder in jail. Michael Bray, David Leach, Regina Dinwiddie, Jennifer McCoy, and Angel Dillard have all visited him and attended at least two days of the trial.

Up on the Eagle's website is a video with a couple of the deputies in the courtroom about their security measures during the trial. They made sure everything was orderly to keep the jury as free from prejudice as possible. Dinwiddie has been known in the past to make a ruckus during trials (she wanted to during Roeder's but was not allowed). These men and women of the sheriff's department did an excellent job.

Keith Olbermann gave a "quick comment" after Roeder's conviction. The truth behind Roeder's actions? He's not a hero: he's a fraud. Heroes don't threaten to kill others and then run and hide.

Last up, an article from The Guardian: Free speech wasn't meant for this.
There are a lot of things that don't get called terrorism in this country, but few of them approach the breadth of the long-term, flagrant campaign of intimidation, harassment, exhorted violence, attempted violence, actual violence, and murder of abortion providers and abortion-seeking women.

Roeder is a terrorist. It is flatly inexplicable why he is not regarded as such, nor his campaign of murderous rhetoric treated with the according contempt. Free speech was never meant to protect from embargo the communications of those who justify and exhort organised terror.


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