Monday, February 15, 2010

1996 interview of Roeder by Leach (part 1?)

Dave Leach has been friends with Scott Roeder for a long time. In this interview for Leach's "The Uncle Ed Show," Roeder talks about being a Freeman. He talks about differences between God's law and man's law.

According to KWCH, Leach plans on selling tapes of the entire interview. Looking on his website, I would guess he wouldn't share the whole interview on YouTube (need the money to pay for the stay in Wichita, eh?) The Guardian criticized YouTube for hosting the jailhouse interview, though Don Spitz is of the opinion Roeder didn't threaten anyone in the interview. It is also on Leach's website for download. So it'll be around even if YouTube yanks it.

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  1. The spring before this video was made Scott had been arrested the day before the first anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Authorities assumed it was for a federal building or some similar thing. I knew in my heart it was for an abortion clinic. I filed for divorce a month after his arrest and it became final that July just after he was released on probation. (No family would bail him out then either.) I got sole custody and supervised visitations at my discretion. Nick had not seen his Daddy since early March. So my dad and I took Nick to visit Scott. We met Scott and his dad at the mall in Topeka. We played video games, at lunch and walked the mall. We stopped into Radio Shack and as I was purchasing a little electronic kits for Nick and the grandpas sate on a bench to rest Scott steered Nick toward the door. I remember it so well. I started to abandon my purchase and I wish I had. Nick kept lloking over at me. Scott was smiling trying to cover up what he was quickly saying to Nick. Telling a 9 year old child that "Daddy was going to blow up an abortion clinic" As in the video Scott tells Nicky he had not intention of hurting anyone--he would have done it at night. Nick was (and is) very intelligent. "Daddy what if someone heard the big noise and got scared and had a heart attack?" (Not to mention the firefighters that would risk themselves to put out any fire.) It is that very memory that made it so easy to answer the ATF's questions in our yard that May 31st with yes Scott would do that.

    In the video Scott talks about not being able to talk about certain things because of his appeal. I cannot recall what happened to the appeal. Scott blew his probation and had to do his prison time at El Dorado--but his conviction was overturned do to an illegal search of his vehicle.

    Its this very knowledge of what Scott planned to do that will plague me for the rest of my life with what if's...if there had been some way to stop him before Dr. Tiller was assassinated.