Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trial Schedule Update

Just checked at the courthouse. Trial is still set for the 21st. More than one source tells us it will be continued (as expected). Looks like they are just waiting until the last minute for it happen.


  1. May our brother Scott be set free. A true American hero and defender of the unborn.

  2. This "hero" of yours who cared so much for the "unborn" had to be forced over and over again by the court system to pay child support for his son.(This can be all documented,) Your "hero" only had to pay $137.00 a month. Which I had to fight to get every month. Your "hero" got his "feelings" hurt when his son shared his private concerns at the age of 12 with a social worker when your "hero" was sueing me for joint custody and unsupervised visits and lost. This "hero" would not speak to his son for several months because of the outcome of that suit and the private opinions that his son shared with the social worker and the social worked passed on to your "hero." I have written notes from your "hero" documenting his "hurt" feelings with never a mention of concern for why his child felt that way. Never a worry that his child had hurt feelings. Not an unborn bady but a child he had helped bring into this world.

  3. If that doesn't show what an uncaring ass Scott Roeder is, nothing does!

  4. I am incensed every time I hear that Scott Roeder thinks he cares for the unborn children. In reality he cares nothing for the unborn. How can he say that he cares for the unborn, when he did not even care for his own children.
    In particular a girl he said he fathered. If he was her father, he abandoned her before she was born. He did nothing to provide for her care for the past seven years. What kind of father lets his child starve and go naked in the cold?
    That is Scott Roeder.
    I, on the other hand, have been there for her and her mother for the past seven and a half years. I have provided for her care before she was born and after and will continue to provide for her into the future. She has everything a little girl could need and want. It is much more than Scott has ever tried to give her, which is nothing.
    In fact you could say that Scott has stolen thousands of dollars from this family by causing us to spend money on attorneys to defend ourselves from his legal attacks over something he has cared nothing. He cared so much for her, he watched her scream and cry when she did not want to go to the visitation he forced upon her. He stood there and watched with no remorse. The court mandated 6 visits and it took him 3 years to do those visits, and he only ever wanted to spend no more than an hour with her each time on the last 5 visits.
    Scott will say he did not have the money to go and see this girl, but I say he really did not care to see her, because he did care he would have made the time and would have found a way. We have done research and have discovered real inexpensive flights to our neck of the woods, about $150 round trip. He has no excuse.
    His actions speak so loud I cannot hear what he is saying.
    Roeder is a coward and a hypocrite. He cares only about himself. He just wants to make a name for himself, so that no one knows who he is.

  5. Just when I didn't think there could be any more proof about how little Roeder really cares about kids . . .

  6. Quite unfortunately, this is part and parcel for the anti-choice movement (and one of the reasons I differentiate between anti-choice and anti-abortion). Roeder is not a rare one among anti-choicers.

  7. Wow - that's all I can say. What typical patriarchal bullshit.