Friday, September 18, 2009

Todd Tiahrt and Scott Roeder

Earlier, we reported (briefly) that Todd Tiahrt had sent a Senate campaign letter to Scott Roeder at an old address. Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star reports a campaign spokesman said “Oh great … We’ll make the vendor aware of it.”

My Commitment to:

Mr. Scott Roeder
Overland Park, KS

Halting moral decay in America is imperative and will be a top priority during my service in the United States Senate. I pledge to you to fight for the rights of the unborn, for traditional marriage, and to allow blocking trash on the Internet and in the media.

I will oppose the ACLU and those who wish to remove “In God We Trust” from currency and as our national motto, the 10 Commandments from our courthouses, Boy Scouts from public facilities, and “Under God” from our Pledge of Allegiance.

Congressman Todd Tiahrt

Boy Scouts, the 10 Commandments, traditional marriage, a clean internet, In God We Trust, and Scott Roeder, all things Todd Tiahrt is committed to.

Click the image to see it full-sized:



  1. Seriously, that's the comment from the campaign? Wow - that's a bit pathetic.

  2. The campaign truly needed to apologize to his son who brought in the mail and read the committment pledge. Poor kid held his second letter from his dad in one hand and this Tiahrt mailing in the other. He was furious!!! As was I.

  3. Tiahrt will never say sorry. They've already blamed the "vendor."

  4. What is also very interesting is that Tiahart has worded that post card as if he's already in the Senate. Umm, there's an election for that first.

  5. Tiahrt has proven himself to be an idiot for at least a decade. I don't mean he "acts" like an idiot. He IS an idiot.

    I have a nearly incomprehensible piece of writing he sent to the NY Times a decade ago which is so illiterate, so confused, you wonder how he is able to go to the bathroom by himself.