Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Star Parker Goes Off The Rails

All ills of society spring from our immorality. So said Star Parker at a recent presentation in Wichita. [Columnist: Social ills spring from immorality (Wichita Eagle)] Maybe in part she might have something here. But, Ms. Parker couldn't let such an allegation stand without running it right off the rails of logic when she "compared the killing of a Wichita abortion provider to the violence of the anti-slavery movement . . ." WHAT!?!

This from a women who "grew up" as a single mother (yeah, bad writing on that one I know but I just quote it) who has had 4 abortions. So, when she wanted to decide what was best for her body, 4 TIMES, it was okay. But now, don't trust women to decide what legal medical care is best for them.

"I do not believe the No. 1 problem confronting African-Americans is racism," Parker told the audience. "I believe the No. 1 challenge confronting African-Americans is sexual immorality."

Abortion and AIDS are what threatens African-American communities, Parker said.

Do we really need to go on to show how unhinged this women is? Okay, there is more.

A question about the shooting death of Wichita abortion provider George Tiller led Parker to say that accused killer Scott Roeder illustrated the hopelessness among those who oppose abortion.

"I believe we are creating an environment where people are going to feel threatened," Parker said.

She compared Roeder to Nat Turner, who led an uprising against slavery in the 1831 uprising that left 55 people dead.

"It's also just as horrible to treat this man as a hero," she said of Tiller.

Parker compared abortion to slavery and the Holocaust.

"God will answer this, just as he did with slavery and the Holocaust," she said. "Then he will let history take over and your grandchildren will ask, 'What did you do about it?'"

To compare a legal medical procedure to the Holocaust is just wrong! The killing of millions of Jews, gays, gypsies, and other "undesirables" is nothing like having a safe, legal, medical procedure.

geez, now I'm just pissed!

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