Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roeder tries to get a new attorney while his Bible group proclaims his innocence

As we knew was coming, Scott Roeder is trying to turn his trial into a stage for his belief that killing abortion providers is justifiable homicide. He's not just weighing it, but he has written to Paul Hill's attorney, Michael Hirsh, to represent him. Hirsh, for his part, is debating it. He previously represented Regina Dinwiddie, notorious Kansas City-area anti-choice protester. Upon hearing of Dr. Tiller's death, Dinwiddie said she was "glad".

We've known Scott Roeder was part of the Sovereign Citizen Movement which has connections with the Montana Freemen and Christian Identity. But new information has emerged regarding his religious practices. Roeder identified as a Messianic Jew. This is why he instructed his son to call Jesus "Yeshua". Probably why he had no problem stalking a man in church, shooting him, and then threaten two other men. Another reason he didn't belong to a church is because religious groups recognized by the government are corrupted. Which is why he left Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation in Overland Park several years ago.

Roeder's former roommate, Tim Parks, disagreed with Roeder's theology (describing it as "plucked from air"), but believe Roeder is being framed by the government. And Roeder's beliefs were plucked from air? We're all for innocent until proven guilty, but being framed by the government? Really?

Another of Roeder's roommates, Michael Clayman, said Roeder often talked about justified homicide. He also says Roeder wants to use the courtroom as a stage for his beliefs.

When someone says murder is okay, it's time to report them. When does wishful thinking turn into murderous action?

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